Client Testimonials

We have utilized Mark Facey’s team for the past 10 years, and they continue to be a valuable partner in helping us reach our conversion goals. For the past four years, we went from contracting several TM vendors to exclusively working with Mark Facey’s team. They’ve been a tremendous help in keeping our campaigns on time and within the allotted budget. I would highly recommend them for any TM project.
Jeff Zabe
Circulation Manager
Edgell Communications

I have used Mark Facey & Company for the past 18 years, and they never disappoint. Their CSR’s are well-spoken, well-trained and prepared for each campaign I present them. I have the ability to monitor calls without being detected or interrupting the flow of the interview. My account rep and many other Facey employees have been with Facey for an average of 15-20 years - which speaks volumes of their work environment and the practical telemarketing experience of the account reps and IT support staff. And more importantly, they are a true partner and integral part of my continued success in acquiring and retaining our technical subscribers.
Marie Claussell
Audience Development Manager
NASA Tech Briefs

Having worked with Mark Facey for 15+ years my overall experience has been excellent. The people with whom I interact, Scott, Denise, Chris, and a few years ago even Mark, have been professional, conscientious and well versed on telemarketing. Mark Facey has always been competitively priced, open to testing new ideas, and flexible to meet hectic schedules. They complete the campaigns on time, on budget and at the projected conversion rates. I would recommend testing their services.
Bruce Sprague
The Sprague Group, LLC

Mark Facey is by far my favorite telemarketing vendor. As an audience development consultant on several business to business publications, I can consistently rely on Mark Facey to meet my objectives on cost, timing and conversion rates. One of my clients consistently had used offshore telemarketing vendors and had obtained some very good pricing. When I began working with them, I tested Mark Facey and the offshore vendors. Mark Facey not only obtained higher conversion rates; they also were able to meet and in a few cases beat the offshore vendor pricing. Mark Facey works closely with BPA Worldwide and my fulfillment vendors to ensure all goes smoothly on my telemarketing campaigns. In doing the volume of calling I do, it is inevitable there will be a few hiccups along the way. The few times there has been a problem with a file, a telemarketer, etc; it is usually Mark Facey that brings it to my attention (rather than waiting for me to discover) and often has worked out a solution. I truly owe much of my success in my job to Mark Facey.
Carrie Eisenhandler
Audience Development Consultant
Northstar Travel Media

I have been working with Mark Facey & Company for over 10 years now and at this point, when other vendors call me, I rarely give them more than a couple of seconds before I tell them how pleased I am with my current telemarketing provider. Renewing magazine subscribers has become incredibly challenging, but I know that when I send a project to Jeanette I will get the maximum response rate at a competitive rate, with calls made by poised professionals. In Mark Facey’s capable hands, my campaigns are essentially turnkey, and with so much more on my plate now, that is a huge relief on an overwhelmed day.
Deb Benward
Circulation Director
Wolters Kluwer

I started working with Mark Facey & Co. my first year in the business, and we’ve worked with them every year since. The company’s representatives are responsible, always highly responsive to communication, and more than anything, trustworthy. We are confident that once we have asked for something to be done, it will be done that way. My company has not once been let down. I’d like to say that about all our vendors. And that’s the thing about circulation, isn’t it? You only get 365 days to do what needs to be done, and knowing you have a vendor who feels — and acts — like a partner has given me peace of mind I feel I can count on until my last day in the business.
Ross Jacobs
Circulation Director
Gardner Business Media, Inc.

I have enjoyed working with Mark Facey & Company for 18 years. They have consistently met or exceeded my new name and renewal goals on time and within budget. Their management team works closely with me to develop a plan that will maximize my results. One of the things I am most appreciative of is their flexibility – both with timing and pricing. There have been many times over the years that I have come to them late and with little money, and asked them to pull off a miracle…they’ve always found a way to get the job done.
I also appreciate their experienced and capable management team, who stay on top of my programs and provide regular reporting according to my needs so that I don’t have to be involved day-to-day. Without fail, my programs are completed according to my goals and I never have to question their progress. Facey’s team has become an extension of my department, allowing me to focus on strategic priorities.
Their agents are professional, friendly and speak clearly, and the quality of their work is superior. There is never even the slightest doubt that the qualified subscriptions they’ve obtained will hold up to audit bureau standards. I trust them implicitly.
Carolyn Giroux
Group Audience Development Director
Hearst Business Media

We’ve worked with Mark Facey and Company for many years and on many campaigns. Their service and results have been superb throughout our time together. We have a high level of trust and confidence in the Mark Facey representatives calling on behalf of our brand. And the Mark Facey management team plans well and applies the resources needed to meet often challenging acquisition goals.
Tom Conlon
Publisher, President
Desktop Engineering

I have worked with Mark Facey for over thirteen years. As a result of their efforts, I have upgraded the quality of my client base year over year. I am continuously satisfied with their efforts and have never hesitated to refer my colleagues to them. I have tested other vendors but no one provides the pricing, quality of calls and customer service that Mark Facey does. Their service is immediate, top-rate and like no others.
Sarah Garwood
Audience Development Director
Access Intelligence

Mark Facey & Company meets or exceeds our goals each and every year, all while staying within our budget. The team is professional, courteous and knows what they are doing. We are constantly approached by other telemarketing companies asking us to try them but we won’t even consider it. We have been 100% satisfied with Mark Facey for over 15 years.
Michelle Barry
Audience Development Manager
Horizon House

I started using Mark Facey & Company in 1989 and have continued to use them to this day. For 24 years, they have provided well-trained telemarketers who converse with my subscribers about my publications and not talk at them while rattling off a script. They are my go to company for my campaigns including developing circulation for new launches, list tests, and the last minute crunch project. I can count on them to keep me well informed on how a project is progressing and to provide valuable feedback needed for the development of successful campaigns. Their work sets the quality standards I use to evaluate other telemarketing companies. From start to finish I can count on Mark Facey & Company to provide a quality service that helps to meet publications goals every time, on time and on budget.
Judith Giordano
RedHawk MediaGuides